Adrienne’s Music

A couple of tracks from an “Open Rehearsal” a while back, with wonderful pianist and friend Constance Jackson.

      1. Sylvie, by Gabriel Faure
      2. Toujours, by Gabriel Faure

The first movement of Vivaldi’s Double Cello Concerto, with friend Dale on the other solo part.

      3. Double Cello Concerto, by Antonio Vivaldi

Wedding March sample for Alayna

      4. Wedding March Improv

Amedei Cello Quartet

      5. Rudolf Matz Cello Quartet, Mvt 5 ending
      6. Lennon & McCartney's Eleanor Rigby, arr. AMW
      7. Lennon & McCartney's Michelle, arr. David Johnstone*
      8. Lennon & McCartney's Yesterday, arr. David Johnstone*

*Thanks to friend David Johnstone in Navarre, Spain for these arrangements.