Agate Beach Cello Duo

Weddings, receptions, house concerts and other special events, contact Newport cellists Adrienne Welsh and Vicki Strauss to play for your celebration.

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From Bach to The Beatles, it can all be found in the eclectic repertoire of the Agate Beach Cello Duo.

This Newport, Oregon based duo combines classically trained chops with an adventurous set list that includes the works of legendary composers, modern pop, rock, movie music and Celtic tunes.

The cello, being the most soulful of instruments and closest to the human voice, is capable of evoking emotions to accompany any meaningful occasion. The Agate Beach Cello Duo will work with you to find the perfect repertoire for your special occasion. Be it an intimate gathering at your home with background music or a private house concert with lively and informative discussion about the pieces. Weddings are of course a perfect occasion to have two cellos serenade the couple and set the mood for their guests. Any occasion can be made more meaningful with the addition of 2 cellos, including a celebration of life ceremony.

Adrienne Welsh, an alumna of Trinity College of Music, London, Adrienne taught and played cello in London and the Southeast of England before moving to the states. Now a full time Newport resident, she dedicates her time to teaching cello, performing in various orchestras and ensembles including the Newport Symphony and Lucky Gap String Band. With extensive chamber music background Adrienne is happy to find a colleague with similar musical skills and desires of bringing music to the people in small and intimate ways.

Vicki Strauss, an alumna of Boston University, has played in professional orchestras and chamber ensembles in Paris, Bonn, Boston, Florida, New York, Washington, California and now Oregon. Chamber music has always been her passion and the opportunity to play with Adrienne has proven to be a perfect match.

As we find our selves missing the live music experience because of the regulations from the shutdown, we believe that small gatherings done with proper social distancing can now begin to take shape. Live music is an essential part of the human experience, music picks up were words leave off. We guarantee that the sonorous sounds of the Agate Beach Cello Duo will enhance your long awaited gatherings.

Music Samples


      1. Telemann Canonic Sonata


      2. Gravel Walk, Traditional Irish


      3. Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen


      4. Carol of the Bells


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