Group Lessons

Group lessons are held at my home studio on the third Sunday of each month.

  • Juniors at 4:00 to 5:15pm
  • Adults at 5:45 to 7:15pm
  • Participants should plan to arrive ten to fifteen minutes early so they are unpacked and ready to play when the lesson begins
  • Maximum 5 students each lesson

In group lesson we work on various aspects of ensemble playing, including:

  • Listening to others while we play
  • Maintaining steady rhythm
  • Counting rests
  • Leading and following other players
  • Playing accurately (rhythm, dynamics, intonation)
  • Playing musically (style, tone, phrasing)

We also learn about rehearsal protocol, including

  • Tuning and warming up
  • Essential equipment
  • Decorum – when to talk or play, when not to talk or play!

Lastly, we touch on music theory and history.

These sessions are good preparation and confidence-builders for playing with school orchestras,  MYS, PYP, other orchestras and chamber ensembles. Above all though they are FUN and great motivation for students to improve their individual playing skills.

The cost is $30 per student per lesson. Maximum 5 students per lesson, please don’t reserve a place unless you are sure that you will attend.